Learn How YOU Can TradeUP Your edelkrone!

We're committed to creating long-lasting, durable, and advanced solutions for filmmakers here at edelkrone. But being on the cutting edge of technology means that our new releases come with new features. So while your current edelkrone may be in perfect working condition, upgrading to the newer generation will expand your edelkrone ecosystem. This is where our TradeUP program comes in.

By choosing TradeUP, you can add new edelkrone to your ecosystem at a huge discount. And the best part? You don't even have to send in your old edelkrone. You can keep both!

The TradeUP program works for non-edelkrone gear as well. Just send in your eligible non-edelkrone slider, head, or dolly to get a brand new edelkrone gear at a discount.

Check out Dan Watson's video to learn more:

Click here to check out if you have eligible products and how much you'll save instantly.